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We are a community of young girls and women who have experienced the absence of our fathers, whether it be due to death, incarceration, never knowing him, or emotional and/or physical absence. 


Our mission is to create an inclusive community of women where they can find strength, comfort, and guidance. To bestow a place for young girls and women to mend and flourish individually, to be supported and guided by a community that understands and has experienced the absence of their fathers.

Some people don't understand the severity of a fathers love. A father has such an enormous impact on his daughters life. 


A Sisterhood for Daughters without Fathers provides emotional support to young girls and women that have been affected by the absence of their fathers. Providing supportive relationships amongst other young women within their age group and looking beneath the surface to get a deeper understanding of oneself. Learning to cope in different ways when faced with different life challenges from the symptoms that were caused by the fatherless daughter syndrome. Helping young girls overall overcome their "daddy issues", while focusing on the relationships between the daughters and their male figures that surround them through out their lives. 

We believe that group activities are essential for fostering relationships, building trust, and creating a sense of community. So once a month, we host a variety of group activities for the women and young girls. Activities may include beach trips, hikes, bonding time at the park, painting classes, and more. Each event is designed to be fun, safe, and stress-free and provide a great opportunity for everyone to build meaningful connections with each other. 

We offer a variety of resources such as mentorship programs, educational resources, and community support. We also have a “big sister” program where we allow women over the age of 18 to become mentors to the younger girls, where they share their similar experiences in dealing with their father’s absence.

Your support will:​

  • Lower the negative statistics in our young women 

  • Give those fatherless women a voice and let them know that they're not alone in their pain

  • Help to expand this community to young girls and women all over

  • Reshape the mindset of women and build a positive future for the young women 

We will create a sisterhood full of love, forgiveness and acceptance. 

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