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The Reason This Non-Profit Means So Much To Me

Starting this nonprofit means so much to me! At a young age I lost my father and all of my friends around me didn’t have a father or a relationship with their father either, this unfortunately left us all fatherless. I recognized years later that my mother also suffered from growing up without her father. I started to pick up on similar traits we all shared with being fatherless, although our situations were completely different. Ever since I was 16 years old I wanted to start a nonprofit, and my main goal at that time was to let women of all ages know that they were not alone in their pain or disconnect. I chose women of all ages because I was young and at the time was affected, so I knew girls even younger who will later be affected if not already and I also knew women older who had been affected for years. Which in turn affected their everyday lives and also affected how they raised their children. At the very young age of 16 I know absolutely nothing about running a business, not even the first steps. But I knew in my heart I wanted to give women a voice and the comfort I wish I had. I researched as much as I could about the topic and sadly I learned that it was more common than I thought, I learned about the traits you could possibly develop as you got older and how they could negatively affect your everyday life or relationships.

Although everyone's situation is completely different, it’s unfair to have to deal with the absence of your father. It’s unfair when your father is snatched away from you at the hands of violence or incarceration, it’s unfair when your father has made the choice of not wanting to be in his daughters life because he lacks the responsibility, it’s unfair when the mothers make the selfish decision to not allow their daughters to have a relationship with their fathers because of childish or unknown reasons & it’s unfair when your father is present in the home, but yet still somehow remains absent in his daughters life.

I took a long break from working on this nonprofit simply because it didn’t feel like the right time. But almost 2 years ago I lost my brother and he left his twin daughters (my nieces) behind, they’re 4 years old now. I feel in my heart that I owe this opportunity to them as they maneuver through life and help them understand that they are not alone. I know now they don’t fully understand, but based on the things I’ve learned as I’ve gotten older, they will always in some way, shape or form be affected by the loss of their father. And I feel responsible for guiding them through this life's journey!


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